pondicherry shark

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Pondicherry Shark
Scientific Name: CARCHARHINUS HEMIODONLast Seen: 1979 IN INDIAYears Lost: 41Red List Status: Critically Endangered

The Pondicherry Shark is a small and stocky gray shark that lives in remote regions. This species does not grow any longer than about one meter, or three feet, long. The shark was once found throughout IndoPacific coastal waters, from India and possibly extending to the Gulf of Oman into Southeast Asia, and is known to enter fresh water. It may also be found in rivers such as the Hooghli River and Saigon River.

UPDATE (7.31.19): Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special, ‘Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark,’ featured a potentially promising finding of a shark in a remote seasonal fishing village in Sri Lanka. Although some regional experts seem confident that the shark the team found is the Pondicherry shark, identifying this species is especially challenging. Additional molecular analysis could help confirm the rediscovery.


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