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Australian Crowdfunding Campaign To Save The Tassie Devil Takes Off With A Major Boost From Global Wildlife Conservation

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For immediate release

December 8, 2016

Global Wildlife Conservation partner Devil Ark, a breeding facility to help save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction, is on the road to double in size with help from a crowdfunding campaign launched on Dec. 5. The campaign raised more than $130,000 in just three days, including the largest donation—a $100,000 pledge—from GWC.

“Devil Ark is doing work that is vital not only to saving the Tasmanian Devil, but to conserving the many species that depend on the presence of a native predator to control feral cats and foxes,” said Don Church, Global Wildlife Conservation president and director of conservation. “Devils are iconic globally and are both an important flagship and integral part of conserving Australia’s unique and, in many cases, imperiled wildlife. We are committed to supporting Devil Ark’s important mission, and we hope that individuals and other organizations worldwide are inspired to do the same.”

Australian Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME) also contributed $10,000 while the remaining pledges to date have been donated by supporting public. The campaign running with crowdfunding site Pozible has a target of $375,000 which covers stage one of development in 2017 required to double the ark.

Commenting on the successful campaign, Devil Ark, Director, Liz Vella said:

“As a registered charity, Devil Ark largely relies on external support from project partners and the general public to maintain the facility.  We’re eternally thankful for all those who donate and are constantly putting a call out to protect the Tasmanian Devil, so we don’t end up with another sad Australian mammal extinction like we did with the Tasmanian Tiger.”

“We’re thrilled with the start of our crowdfunding campaign. Reaching just over 30 percent of our fundraising target in three days is amazing. A big shout out to our American supporters Global Wildlife Conservation, who work with conservation organizations around the world to ensure that some of the least understood, but most endangered species have a shot of survival.”

“Global Wildlife Conservation’s investment shows the world is watching and taking notice of Australia’s concerning mammal extinction crises. It’s encouraging that we’re off to a strong start with the crowdfunding, but there is still a way to go in achieving our stage one goal of $375,000 and hope the rest of the world will rally behind us.”

Devil Ark’s mission is to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction by creating an insurance population of genetically diverse, healthy devils to mitigate the possible threat of extinction due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

To donate visit the Devil Ark website or Pozible crowdfunding site Americans can also choose to give through Global Wildlife Conservation.

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