shark conservation fund

The Shark Conservation Fund (SCF) is the world’s leading collaboration of philanthropists dedicated to restoring ocean health through shark and ray conservation. Its mission is to help maintain the vibrancy of the world’s oceans by stopping the overexploitation of sharks and rays and to prevent extinctions through strategic and collaborative grantmaking.  

Formally launched in 2016, SCF has funded 68 projects in more than 50 countries leveraging over $30 million for shark conservation. 

Thirty-six percent of the world’s 1,250 shark and ray species are threatened with extinction, making them among the most threatened vertebrates on the planet. Despite the fact that these apex predators play an essential role in our oceans, stabilizing food webs and acting as a measure of ocean health, each year 100 million sharks and rays are killed and many populations have declined over 90% in the past four decades alone. The current scale of conservation efforts and investments do not match this level of crisis and urgency. The SCF, which is supported by Re:wild, recognizes that major investments are needed in conservation science, policy, advocacy, communications and capacity-building to reduce mortality of sharks and rays and ensure their recovery and sustainable management. SCF’s objectives are to:

  1. Protect the most endangered species 

  2. Regulate global trade 

  3. Combat unsustainable fishing 

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