fernandina galápagos tortoise

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Fernandina Galápagos Tortoise
Scientific Name: CHELONOIDIS PHANTASTICUSLast Seen: 1906Red List Status: Critically Endangered

Update (02.20.19) We are awaiting the results of genetic testing to confirm the rediscovery of the Fernandina Galápagos Tortoise in the Galápagos.

Only one individual Fernandina Tortoise has ever been confirmed—on Fernandina Island, the youngest and least-explored of the Galápagos Islands. According to Himalayan mountaineering legend Eric Shipton, the odds of rediscovering a Fernandina Tortoise were at least better than those of finding a Yeti. An expedition in 1964 discovered putative tortoise droppings, and a fly-over in 2009 reported sightings of something tortoise-like from the air, renewing hope that this species may yet be holding on.

See photos about finding this female tortoise on Fernandina Island below.

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